Building a website today is a lot easier than a few years ago. There are many options available to help you achieve the look and feel of the kind of website you want. I will be going through them… so you can decide which route you want to take.

Website building software – This option is the  how to build a website  hardest way because it requires you to understand a little HTML (computer language)… and these programs have the choice of viewing your website building in 3 ways. You can choose design… which shows you exactly what it looks like. Then there is the code option and if you are a complete beginner… this option will make no sense to you. It looks like a language you will have never seen before. The third viewing option is a mixture of the two. The screen is split into 2… the top half will be the normal view and the bottom half will be the code view… and you can actually learn a little HTML using this viewing option.

Using WordPress – a lot of people will know that this as a blogging program. It is a blogging program but you can actually use this program to build a great website. With hundreds of plugins (optional extras)… you can build a website to the exact way you want. This option is a lot easier than the website building software and a relative newbie can actually build a website from scratch.

A lot of hosting companies now offer website building program included in their hosting package. This option is very easy and involves drag and drop features. As the name suggests… you drag and drop the options you want… like images… menus etc. This option is by far the easiest way to build your website and a complete beginner can very easily build a website. The only download to this option is that you are limited to the choices available within the website building program that came with your hosting package. So you might not achieve the look and feel of the website you are looking to build… but by far the best option for the complete newbie.

The last option is to get someone or a company to build it for you. No work involved… you just tell what you want and they will build it for you. Unfortunately it could cost you a lot of money and they have complete control of your website. The website builder (webmaster) will normally include hosting but a lot of time will be wasted because you probably will not be satisfied with the webmaster initial draft. There will be a lot of coming and going between you and the webmaster. After the site is finished to your satisfaction… the webmaster will probably charge a maintenance fee and will allow a limited amount of changes to your website… such as adding another webpage… adding more images etc.

The best way to get started online and building your first website is to actually learn how to build a website… and in true honesty… it is not as hard as you may think. And once you mastered these skills nobody can take that knowledge away from you.