Mark your calendars and ice the beer, because the fantasy football season is about to begin. It’s doubtful that this season’s crop of rookies will make a significant impact on any team but there are a few rooks worth keeping an eye on. If you play fantasy football online and have been working on preparing for your upcoming drafts, consider this list of promising rookies.

Rookie Quarterbacks Everyone Are Talking about

When it comes to quarterbacks, there’s a reason NFL. com named Matthew Stafford “the most NFL-ready quarterback in the 2009 draft” (Copyright NFLDraftScout. com, distributed by The Sports Xchange). As team captain, he carried his team undefeated through the canais fechados. bowl games. He scans the field quickly for openings, and places the ball accurately regardless of distance. His footwork is quick and nimble in the pocket, and he can successfully complete a pass while defenders are taking him down.

On the flip side, Mark Sanchez may bring the Jets a winning season. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to place the ball accurately anywhere on the field. His over-the-top delivery is effortless, and he recognizes a blitz quickly and reacts accordingly. He’s accurate in a pinch as well, such as in a rollout.

Of course, any veteran of fantasy football knows to have caution when ranking rookie QBs. To illustrate this point, let’s look at some of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Brett Favre, John Elway, and even Dan Marino experienced a boost in their fantasy value after their first year in the NFL. Although Stafford and Sanchez have notable prowess, it’s more likely that we’ll see their talents reflected in fantasy football leagues over the next few years, but not necessarily during this season. With that said, rookie running backs can be magical in fantasy football (just look at what Matt Forte and Chris Johnson did last season).

Rookie Running Backs Fantasy Diehards are Watching

For 2009, keep an eye on Knowshon Moreno. He can power through the first line of defense, and has surprisingly soft hands that could boost his value in PPR leagues. According to NFL. com, Moreno is an “extreme competitor who can put the team on his shoulders, ” (Copyright NFLDraftScout. com, distributed by The Sports Xchange).

Chris “Beanie” Wells is another notable up-and-coming running back. FantasyFootballXtreme. com named him their #1 rookie to watch, and for good reason. He rushed for over 3000 yards during his time at the Ohio State University. He’s known for finding holes in the defense and he has a jarring stiff-arm to thwart defenders and possesses uncanny breakaway speed. Unfortunately, his history of injuries could be a risk factor.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw great things from Donald Brown. He’s quite a fast and agile player. Rare to rookies, he has a great sense of balance, which he uses to deceive the defense. He could become quite a weapon for the Colts this season.

Rookie Wide Receivers You don’t Want to Overlook

If you’re debating which rookie wide receiver to add to your team, Hakeem Nicks has the goods. He set school records at UNC for receptions, touchdown catches, and receiving yards. He has great hands and can hang onto the ball even after hard hits. He can distance himself from defenders during a breakaway, and is tough enough to generate a lot of yards after catch.

Michael Crabtree has a bright future as well. Originally, he was the quarterback of his high school and went to college on a two-sport scholarship. As a wide receiver, he made 231 receptions in two seasons. His hands are smooth and able to catch the ball regardless of whether it’s inside or outside his body. There’s no doubt that he’s a competitor that will flourish over time.

A Rookie Tight End that might Deliver During the 2009 Fantasy Football Season

It’s a risk to use a rookie as your tight end in fantasy football games, but if you’re willing to chance it, then Brandon Pettigrew is your best bet. He set a record at Oklahoma State University for the most receptions. And at 265-pounds, Pettigrew can throw a hefty block. If he’s running the ball, he can pull the defenders along with him. All in all, he’ll be a fierce competitor in the 2009 season.