Did you know that decluttering office space does not mean remodeling or reposition furniture? Although it is nice to be able to remodel your office and reposition your furniture, this is not what makes you efficient. The most important area of your office is your actual work space, and this is the area you should concentrate on if you want to optimize your day. What will improve your efficiency is having a work space that is clear of clutter and situated in a manner that will optimize your ability to produce. When office clutter becomes an issue, your ability to complete tasks will be negatively affected. We all know how important it is to find documents and items we need on a daily or weekly basis. Even items we only need a few times a month can become easily lost unless you declutter office space and organize files. Rather than risk losing a client or your job, make a point to get organized!

Filing System
Any documents you need should be incorporated into a filing system. Do not place everything in one drawer or folder. Instead, use 新蒲崗辦公室 for quick reference. If you prefer you can use dates to sort documents. For some people or certain types of filing using dates work very well. Another idea to easily identify files is to use folders that come with colorful tabs that you can write on.

Some careers require the use of reference information. If you have documents or guides you need to use frequently, keep these in a separate area. Label a drawer for resources, or consider placing these in binders. You can even purchase binders of various colors to help differentiate between each.

Label Your Work Space
Labels are a great way to declutter office space. Make it a point to notate the contents of each folder and binder. Some folders and binders include clear slots that can be used to display a label. Be as brief and descriptive as you can. Avoid vague wordage when using labels. Instead, incorporate dates and description without writing entire sentences.

Many desks include slots for labels on drawers. If yours does, make it a point to use them. This could be beneficial should you miss work one day and someone needs to find a specific file in your desk. Plus, drawer labels will help you find each document’s rightful place. Words, colors, and dates can help you declutter office work space effectively.

Desk Decorations
Adding personal touches to your desk can make the day more pleasant. A family photograph here or a motivational paperweight there can really liven up your work space. However, keep it to one or two items. When you begin to scatter unnecessary items all over your desk top, you may minimize your accessible work area and create confusion. An open area will give you breathing room and allow your mind to think without feeling overwhelmed. If you can hang items on walls, do so. This will help keep the desk top cleared for work related items.

Return Borrowed Items
When you declutter office space, you may find items you borrowed from coworkers. This could be a stapler or some pens, or perhaps a reference book. Avoid accumulation of these items by making a point to return them as soon as you no longer need them. Do not allow materials to sit on your desk. Not only will this add clutter to your work space, but it is also an example of poor office etiquette. Others may need those objects or materials, so make sure they are immediately returned to their rightful place.

When you declutter office space, you will promote efficiency and positive habits. You may notice a faster work day and easier time locating the things you need to get the job done. This will not only alleviate your stress levels, but also make you a better employ