Red is a bold color that often requires a strong personality to pull off correctly. Red also symbolizes confidence and sex appeal. In many cultures, red colored clothing is worn for good luck, as a symbol of wealth or even as a measure for attracting prosperity. These are translated into clothes and shoes and you find very outgoing personalities wearing the brightest red colors. However, contrary to what most people say, anyone can wear red simply because there are a great variety of shades. From bold bright red’s to muted red’s, there is a hue for everyone.BOOST Original | BOOST Nutritional Drinks

I was interested to read an article called ‘Wearing red boosts  Red Boost attraction’ online recently on the BBC website, mentioning that there had been a study by the University of Rochester published in a psychology journal that links red to attractiveness and going on to say that if you are going on a date and want your guy to loosen his wallet strings, wearing red will secure your wish as men are prepared to spend more on women who dress in red.

This is no news to those of us who work with colour and know how to use colour effectively at different times/events in our lives. Certainly red worn with confidence and style ensures you will be noticed and definitely has an effect on the men in our lives.

Wearing red signals that you are upbeat, confident – which in itself is attractive and sexually aware – think of the lure of red lipstick. It’s also a good colour to wear for an interview if you want to stand out. Speaking from experience most women interview candidates wear black and white, so a little red in the mix can make life much more interesting for the interviewers. Most men seem to wear shades of blue/navy and even here as an Image Consultant, I would recommend a tie with red in it. The colour makes you much more memorable.

Of course there are lots of different reds – the range is vast going from raspberry pinks, burgundies and blue toned reds at one end of the scale (the shades that men seem to favour) to true pillar box reds and more orange tones at the other end of the scale. Indeed the sheer variety of reds can be overwhelming and very confusing for the would-be wearer. So how would one pick their best red?

I would suggest trying the colour selected against your face and seeing the effect on your skin, the wrong red can make you look dull and uninteresting whilst the right red makes you look vibrant and in charge. If you have cool grey looking skin then the burgundy, blue-red end of the palette is going to make you look and feel great whilst if your skin is somewhat warmer and possibly freckly then your best reds will be the tomato and orange-reds.

Some people just know they look good in red and seem to be able to wear most shades but if you’re not one of these it could be because your whole look is somewhat soft or in Image Consultant speak – muted. You may have dark blonde or light brown hair or it may be mousy and you could have been colouring it a while, your skintone may look good in medium shades of foundation whilst you may feel that strong make-up is too much for you. If this is the case then a very soft washed out looking red like geranium will be the best red for you.

There are some easy tips to make choosing a boot that’s right for you. First look at the type of heels you usually wear. Are they of a medium height or very high heels? What kind of style do you prefer? Do you feel comfortable in block heels or pointed ones? Are you looking to buy ankle boots, calf boots or knee high boots? Where do you intend to wear them? These are a few of the things to keep in mind before looking for a pair of boots especially if this is your first pair. Remember to try buying a pair of red boots that can match at least 2 or more of your existing outfits. This way you get more mileage out of them and get to enjoy wearing them for various occasions.

If you buy a red that is not very bright, they are generally much easier to match with the wardrobe. Remember, bright red colors are an attention grabber and you will be noticed! Red ankle boots are a great option for women who are venturing to buy boots in this color. You can find them in leather and suede. They also come with faux fur which gives it an added element of style. Ankle boots can be worn with jeans as well as skirts, shorts and dresses. Tan outfits look great when teamed with red and if you have knee high boots, it will look great under with a skirt that has a hemline just above the calf.

Knee high boots can be worn with skirts as well as with jeans tucked into them. If the boots are snug all the way to the knee, you could even wear them with jeans and tan trousers or pants pulled over them. Zippered boots give you a snug fit that a pull-on pair of boots can’t. What about red UGG boots? That would certainly grab anyone’s attention.

Red is a great color to incorporate into your wardrobe and having a pair of red boots is a simple way to do it. To make any purchase an investment, try to match it with a few of your outfits. For instance, wearing red ankle boots with a pair of jeans for casual days and the same shoes with a skirt for a lunch date can give you versatility that you need. If you like muted shades, try the shade of red that you like in suede. Patent leather has high gloss and will definitely take center stage. Wearing red boosts anybody’s confidence and this is one color that you should definitely have in your wardrobe.