Facebook has long been called the face of Web 3.0. Internet marketing gurus look at Facebook and say this is where the future of marketing on the internet is headed.

That is why Microsoft has recently paid about friends filter $240 million to acquire just about 2% of this comparatively smaller company. Microsoft putting its money on Facebook lends credence to what internet marketing gurus have been saying for a long time now.

While acquiring a stake in Facebook gives Microsoft a definite edge in the internet marketing space; it also shows that ordinary marketers can compete effectively with big businesses in Web 3.0.

Increasingly, the web is flattening out the advantages that big businesses have. Nowadays smaller businesses have the same tools that big businesses have at their disposal. This helps smaller companies create brands, market products and sell their wares in direct competition to the biggies.

Web 3.0 will make all this more rampant and will turn the tide in favor of smaller businesses. We will take an example of a Facebook tool to show you how.

How can Facebook work for you?

Facebook is a social networking community and has over 50 million members. While there are several other social networking sites, the key difference is that Facebook has over 5000 free applications.

In the world of web 3.0, you will be able to run applications from the Internet instead of your usual PC. Right now the things that you can do on the internet are limited and Facebook is increasingly stretching the limits and has thousands of applications to offer. This is where you come in. While it may not be possible for someone without the deep pockets of Microsoft to buy stake in Facebook, you can leverage these “applications” which have access to millions of users globally and reach out to a customer base that is bigger than you ever imagined.

The benefit of using Facebook is that it has become a virtual amusement park and continues to grow like a snowball. Since users get hooked on to it really fast, they boost the growth of the website at a rapid pace. Once someone is hooked, they invite their friends and relatives to create a Facebook profile too and the community keeps growing.

So your marketing message will continue to grow with the growth of Facebook itself. And Facebook is not restricted to USA, but is increasingly getting popular outside the US and bringing in more and more international users too.

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